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Connection power and reading top marketing blogs

Connection power and reading top marketing blogs


Couple of days ago I have finished “Stepping Stones To Success” book (which was kindly sent to me as a gift with an autograph, yay!) and last interview was particularly interesting. It was with Casey Eberhart. He’s all about connections with other people. And I realized I’ve been overlooking this part for some time. People is the only “resource” you need to get wealthy. And right connections will get you on top faster than anything.

In “The One Minute Millionaire” they’ve been talking about connections too. You’re just 5-10 connections away from any person on this planet. Think about it.

So Casey puts a lot of emphasis on networking and building connections. He says that you need to connect with 1 new person a day. Each person knows ~250 other people, on average. Imagine the strength of your network just after 1 year! What about 10 years?

This shouldn’t be overlooked.

So this brings me to the next point – make connections with top marketing blogs.

If you’re in internet marketing to become wealthy and prosperous (and hopefully,  to make this world a better place), you might as well follow someone, who did it before, and did it honestly. There is so much quality information available for free – it’s mind-boggling. To get it you need to stay on top of the news and updates in this business. 

One way to increase your connection power is by using good-old Google Alerts.

This tool is totally free and it allows you to be instantly notified when new content get’s posted in your niche. You just need to enter a keyword you’re after, set results to “everything” and notifications to “as-it-happens”. You may want to select only the best results, if you’re after lots of keywords, but it’s better to select “all”.

So when someone creates a video, or a blogpost, or maybe lists an item on an auction – you will get notified immediately. Then you can go in and leave a comment and connect with the owner(-s).

You can have as many alerts, as you want. In fact, I encourage you to setup one Google Alert now!

You can achieve even better results BuzzBundle. I’ve bought this software few weeks ago.

It’s incredibly practical! It does pretty much the same thing that Google Alerts and more. And all in real-time. Plus you can post comments and replies right from the dashboard. Very convenient.

Here’s how it looks for the term “CPA marketing”:

buzzbundle connection power

With this tools you can monitor the news on blogs, forums, Q&A sites (Yahoo answers), and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin..). Looks like they will be adding Pinterest soon – people constantly vote for it.

You can get your trial here.

One more thing – when you go in and try to connect, make sure you don’t have a “commission breath” (love this term by Casey Eberhart!). You shouldn’t be selling or pitching anything. The whole purpose is to grow your network and learn as much as possible. And give some value for free.

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