Eric Thomas and Verve

Eric Thomas and Verve

eric thomas verve

I was quite surprised when I saw Eric Thomas and Verve together. Verve is an energy drink from network marketing company Vemma. I actually tried to start with Vemma last summer, 2012; bought a ton of products and of course couldn’t invite anyone, because prices are so damn ridiculous for locals (75-90 euro for monthly vitamin supply). And to qualify for all the bonuses you need to buy 145 euro worth of products, monthly. Though the company is great, and I don’t want to drop it. Products are amazing and compensation plan is very good, for a network marketing company (usually they pay you pennies, but not Vemma). Paid advertising should work for this opportunity.

As always Eric Thomas delivers some great advice and motivation. Highly recommended. I found Vemma audience to be apathetic :D

eric thomas verve, eric thomas vemma

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