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Formal and non-formal education, what’s better?

Formal and non-formal education, what’s better?

Hi everyone!

Let’s talk about education. Do you think formal education is required for success?
old books non-formal educationIt’s a controversial subject and there are many opinions. I, personally, think that formal education is certainly not required to become massively successful. The information we receive in schools, colleges and universities is not very practical at best, and when we apply that in “real life” we can see that learned knowledge itself does not guarantee you anything, especially if you have poor communications skills. Nowadays your success will depend on your communications skills, your creativity and ability to move towards your goals and learn every day, despite the obstacles along the way.

Another problem with formal education is the fact that it prepares us for a specific job, not for a business! And I don’t know about you, but I can’t rely on anyone else than me, when it comes to financial independence. Of course you can be successful working on a job, by becoming a CEO/sales manager/etc, but it’s very unlikely, particularly, if you don’t have any non-formal education in business. What is non-formal business education? Knowledge that could be applied in real-world business. For example, what are assets, liabilities, how to spot a good business deal, where to invest money, and so on… Best of all is that this knowledge could be applied for any business!

Robert Kiyosaki would be the best author for that kind of knowledge. He wrote numerous books, and many of those books became worldwide bestsellers for a reason. He is not only a good story teller, but also incredibly wise teacher. I recommend you to check out “Cashflow Quadrant”, “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing” and of course “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, a real classic.

One interesting fact – a lot of millionaires are without any college education/or they dropped out. I think the number was around ~10-14%. I think I saw that article on Forbes, but now I can’t find it. And of course we can’t forget about some billionaires who are dropouts/don’t have any degree. Some of these are: Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs (RIP) as well as many others.

Of course it’s foolish to compare ourselves with Bill Gates, who is absolute genius. I’ve read that at age of 17 he passed SAT exam so well that it would be equal to IQ of 170, in standardized IQ test. And that, my friends, is quite exceptional. In fact, that’s better than 99.9% of people would score.

Sir Richard Branson on the other hand was dyslexic in school, and he also had ADHD. He said himself that he would fail any kind of IQ tests back then. And look at him now – proud founder and owner of Virgin Group (which has more than 400 companies in it). I bet that took a LOT of hard work.

What all that says to me is this – formal education is far less important in today’s world.

It doesn’t prepare you for the hardships of life and its battles. We can either learn that ourselves, by trying new things and failing again and again, or we can model people who have already achieved what we are after, and get to our destination much faster!

And if you prefer the second option, it’s time to buy some books, dvd’s and mp3’s to start your non-formal education today!

Here is a great place to start – http://www.nightingale.com/

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