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Frederick Dodson’s Youtube Channel

Frederick Dodson’s Youtube Channel


Since I wrote a post about his book (Parallel Universes of Self), I decided to check if Frederick has any videos and perhaps his own Youtube channel. He does! I’ve spent some time looking through the videos, and I’m very excited to see that he offers simple, but powerful techniques and exercises in his videos.

So here is a great video to start with:

I like how he is very calm and confident, and his deep voice makes it quite a hypnotic experience (if you allow it). I think his explanations will make sense to those who aren’t very familiar with New Age teachings (Law of Attraction). He gives people simple, straightforward and sound advice in these videos.

That particular exercise should be good for any “achiever”, especially for serious entrepreneurs. I encourage you to do it too.

This one would be really helpful for most people:

When I first watched it, I immediately realized that I’ve made that mistake myself.. I’ve been fantasizing and dreaming, not visualizing correctly, like Fred explained. This is incredibly helpful stuff. Since I’ve read quite a lot of “New Age” books I recall that they didn’t have precise or complete instructions on important topics like visualizing. Most of them were missing either one small point or another.

I will be surfing through Frederick Dodson’s videos and implementing what I’ve learned. I recommend you too listen to what this guy has to say!


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