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How to create a video with Youtube or Camtasia – piece of cake

How to create a video with Youtube or Camtasia – piece of cake

Hey guys!

Ability to create a lot of videos quickly is essential in internet marketing. That’s especially true if you are into affiliate marketing and you promote more than one product.

A lot of affiliate marketers don’t like to star in their own videos. That’s where this method comes in. If you don’t want to star in your videos, you don’t have to. Creating affiliate videos is simple and it takes very little time.

First let’s see how to create a video with Youtube video editor.

When you are logged into your Youtube account, click “upload”. You’ll see upload screen and 4 different options on the right sidebar. Click on the last one (scissors icon), which says “video editor”.

You’ll see a screen like this:

how to create a video with youtube

Click on the “a” icon and then you’ll see some options. Take an option you like and drag it onto the video bar (it says drag videos here). Most of the time I go for centered title, 1st option. To extend the duration of the slide just click on the little grey border and drag it to the right. To use audio, click on the note icon, and drag your choice to the audio bar..

Other than that it’s all self-explanatory. You’ll understand how to create a video with it in 10 minutes or less. When you are done with your video, click “Publish” button on the top right.

When you played with it for a while you can easily produce fully-optimized video in 5 minutes. Click here to learn Youtube video optimization secrets. Here’s one example made with Youtube video editor:


– But Aleks, that’s the ugliest video I’ve ever seen!

It might be :)

Ugly doesn’t mean ineffective. It’s hilarious, but these videos work well. Maybe for the same reason ugliest WordPress CTR theme produces 2-3 times higher adsense earnings for your site (I’ve tested it myself – it works, miraculously. But Google Adsense isn’t the best way to earn money online, clearly..). Or ugly buy now/sign up buttons outperform solid ones.. It’s strange, but it works.

Note: High-end professional sales pages and graphics will work better than ugly ones, but they cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars and require extensive testing. Average marketer can’t afford that in most cases.

I’m not telling you to start using ugly websites and videos from now on. But I’m telling that fancy Hollywood-style commercial videos are not worth the money you invest in them. I’ve learned that from 2 elite video marketers. Will not mentioned their names here. They’ve tested this and found out that ugly videos outperform the fancy ones – the ones with flying graphics, explosions and dramatic audio effects.

And these are great for promoting your own websites. You don’t have to send people straight to Clickbank products or CPA offers. You can (and should) build videos for the posts and pages you are trying to rank. It will give you a valuable backlink and you will end up getting 2 spots on the first page of Google, if you’re lucky. So that’s a great way to create free, relevant and strong backlinks to your website.

Of course your videos shouldn’t always be like that. If you focus on promoting 1 company and you are going after bigger keywords, create better videos. Add music and some pictures.

You can do that with Youtube video editor, but I prefer Camtasia 8 for that purpose.

Camtasia 8 is ideal for any internet marketer. It’s user-friendly, fast and likable, with very simple drag-and-drop interface. And yet it has all important features to produce amazing videos. You can record your screen too and do live Powerpoint presentations (it integrates in MS Powerpoint), as well as other cool stuff. Anyone can learn how to create a video with Camtasia, it’s not overwhelming like other video editors. Compared to ¬†Sony Vegas Pro, for example, it’s a walk in the park.

You can get your free 30-day trial here –¬†http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasia/

These guys still don’t have an affiliate program. That’s dumb.

So how to create a video with Camtasia 8?

When you have downloaded the software and started it, click on the tiny question mark:

how to create a video with camtasia 8 help

Their tutorial should get you on track pretty fast.

There are just five important things you need to know about Camtasia:

1) Callouts tab.

Callouts could be used for inserting all kind blurbs and annotations for your pictures. Handy, if you don’t use Photoshop for editing your video slides. And I presume most of the people don’t.

2) Audio tab.

Used for regulating your audio levels. I just click on “Fade In” and “Fade Out” once. And that’s it. It fades music for first few seconds when video starts and fades out in the end. But you can alter the levels how you want, on the track bar (drag-and-drop the levels with your mouse).

3) Transitions tab.

Used to make the transition from one slide to another better. Just like in Microsoft Powerpoint, you can add transitioning effect to one slide or apply to all slides, by selecting them with your mouse on the track bar (hold “ctrl” and click mouse on different blocks to select them). There are lots of interesting effects to make your presentation cooler.

4) Zoom-out & Zoom-in bar.

It’s located directly under the callout button. Small slider with magnifying glass on each end. It’s used to make your timeline smaller or bigger. In Youtube video editor mouse scrolling up or down does the same thing.

5) Import media button.

It’s used to “upload” all your pictures, slides, and audio/music from your PC onto project dashboard, which is “Clip Bin” tab. You can see your imported materials there.

That’s pretty much it! Everything else is just drag-and-drop like in Youtube, and it’s simple and effective. When you’ve finished your video click on the Produce and Share button, and it will automatically upload your video to Youtube or screencast.com. Cool.

Here is one of the videos I’ve made with Camtasia:

I shouldn’t have used that “ripple” effect probably. But I couldn’t contain myself, it looked great.

It takes me about 15 to 25 minutes to make such video, including process of finding photos and creating slides in Photoshop. So not that fast, but not slow either.

Almost forgot – of course you can use (and should) their library bar. They don’t have a white screen there, but you can download one here – http://alekseyzuravlov.com/camtasia/white.libzip

Just double click on it and it will go to Camtasia Library>Simple Clips>Simple>Simple Title – White.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Best wishes,

how to create a video, camtasia video

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  1. Katrina July 9, 2013 at 12:41 am #

    Another awesome post! Boy am I glad I found you Aleks :) I’ve been meaning to make a few videos, but absolutely no way was I going to be staring in them, so this is perfect. That first video is hilarious, strangely though even I was tempted to click on the link below….
    Thanks again for your helpful posts, they are devine timing at the moment it seems ;)

    • Aleks July 9, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

      Hi, Katrina!

      I’m glad you found it helpful.

      And thank you! Don’t forget to check Youtube video optimization guide for Google. It wouldn’t hurt to have your new videos optimized well :)

      Best wishes,


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