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John Assaraf and Brain-A-Thon video 1 with Srini Pillay

John Assaraf and Brain-A-Thon video 1 with Srini Pillay


That was a great video and I surely will be catching up with these valuable series in the next few days. John and Dr. Srini Pillay shed some light on how our mind works and talked about behavioral patterns that lead us to success or failure.

Brain-A-ThonParticularly interesting was the moment of setting goals (once again!). When you set a goal, your conscious mind gets really excited and it starts to work on the possible plans and strategies for achieving that particular goal. But at the same time, you unconscious mind (or amigdala part – fear part of the brain, as Dr. Srini said) starts to send unconscious signals to your brain giving you feelings of discomfort or fear. – What if you fail? What would people think about you? What if I don’t really need the thing I’m are after?

So your brain starts to sabotage itself. And if you don’t do anything about it, it’s very likely that you will fail to achieve your goal, because your mind will slow you down, get you procrastinating, and it will disrupt your successful patterns and habits in any other way, to avoid the fear and stress caused by amigdala. I surely failed a lot of times without knowing this info..  This is very strange if we think about it. Does it mean that we are born with such brain for a reason, and only the best will reap rewards?

Dr. Srini recommends you to do 2 things. First is to re-frame your emotions and step back and ask yourself why are you anxious about this goal? Why is there fear? And then figure out how to manage the risk and fear by planning the things you will do. This will reduce amigdala activation and greatly improve your chances of success, since you are getting more comfortable with your goal.

Second thing is to re-focus your brain on the goal and think about the way of achieving it, instead letting your mind wander and getting more uncomfortable and fearful, thinking of possible negative situations.

All this fear and negative self-talk happens unconsciously and we don’t realize it, until we consciously start to do something about it and search for the causes. When we work on these problems, fear will go away, gradually.

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    How have you manage to construct such an excellent article?


  1. Empower Network TV (ENTV) - April 13, 2013

    […] I think those limiting beliefs are one of the most important factors why people fail in life. Most people are honestly trying to achieve something good in life, and they work on their goals, but of course everyone fails on the way to success. And if you have a lot of limiting beliefs, you will fail again and again, eventually giving up on your dream. Everyone should work on removing those negative beliefs. John Assaraf had a damn good video series about this topic – “Brain-A-Thon“. […]

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