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John Assaraf and Brain-A-Thon video 3 with Dr. Merzenich

John Assaraf and Brain-A-Thon video 3 with Dr. Merzenich


Just finished video number 3. They had really cool presenter this time –¬†Dr. Merzenich and, of course, John Assaraf.

dr. merzenich brainathonDr. Merzenich told us that neural patterns are created and re-wired every single day. Our brain is not a “piece of hardware” with pre-defined,¬†unchangeable¬†settings, as scientists thought earlier, brain is constantly changing, on a daily basis. We adapt to our circumstances, technology, and the things we are in touch with. That affects our neurological patterns. That’s why mind of human being from year 2013 is different that a mind of human from 1980’s, and completely different from a mind of human from 1900’s.

And while small changes in thinking and neurological patterns can be achieved in very short time, bigger changes take time, just like any sport or physical training does. With your body physical changes can be clearly seen, but our internal brain changes are much more subtle. Some people will not notice the changes in first few months. But you must know that positive changes are happening, if you are working with this material.

Also I completely forgot to tell something about those little videos in part 1 and 2. There were no videos in the third part though. They were fantastic! Really liked the idea. And “Matrix” parody was brilliant and hilarious at the same time!

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