Latest Empower Network call and Justin Verrengia

Latest Empower Network call and Justin Verrengia


Yesterday I was listening to latest Empower Network call and when I heard Tracy talking about David Wood early strategy for success, I bursted into laughter. Isn’t he clever?! :D That was hilarious! And that was a great call overall. Highly recommended. You can access this call here – “Empower Network Calls” (it will re-direct you to login, but when you login, use this link again and you will be able to listen to the call).

For those who missed it – when David Wood was starting out he used other people’s names (“brands”), who were already successful and he made few posts about them. All that while living in a van! I’m not sure whether posts were controversial or positive, but eventually he was ranking lots of his blogposts on first page of Google. For all those big leader names, because no one else was doing it! I really want to find some of these early posts by Dave and see what was going on.

And seems that Tracy Walker wasn’t very happy about that at start, when she found out :D Though it’s understandable. No one would be happy when someone is ranking above you for your own name. That’s why it’s so important to have strong rankings for your name. So I decided to do the same and write something about leaders in Empower Network. It worked for Dave after all.

Justin Verrengia is the guy I want to talk about.

justin verrengia and D empower network callI think the first call with him was called “How To Make $1,500 a day by Blogging (with Justin Verrengia)”. That was the time when he started to “blow up”, since he was featured on the call. David Wood also mentioned his story on Facebook and probably somewhere else. Before that point he was struggling, working like crazy and literally having dozens of 3-way calls every day. All that for $5,000/mo or something along these lines. That was before he met David Wood. When Justin Verrengia finally met him, he thought Dave was fooling him when he told about his daily activities for growing this business – write a blog post, maybe film a video. Post a message on Facebook. That’s it.

When Justin visited Dave’s house he realized he was telling the truth – they wrote a blog post, published it and went swimming in the waterfalls. Lol! After this “incident” Justin Verrengia dropped his 3-way calls, stopped slaving for his team and did what Dave told him to do. With a little help from David Wood (maybe a lot, who knows) he went from ~5-7k/mo to $26,000/mo in the next 30 days! And he had all the free time to spend with his wife. That’s how the story goes. Just Verrengia told this story few months ago on one of the Empower Network calls. I’m sure the story is true, but people need to understand the power of a brand. David Wood is the brand. So when he endorses someone or publishes someone’s story, that person becomes rich and successful in a very short time. And David does that to everyone who is worthy. But first, you must earn his help by producing significant results on your own, or overcoming a big obstacle in your life.

Justin Verrengia also lives in Costa Rica (like Dave).

I definitely want to visit that country! For now I think about Costa Rica as a Jungle country :) But honestly, I don’t know much of anything about it. Must be cool place to reside, I’m sure about that part.

And some last thoughts. Justin Verrengia seems like a genuinely nice person, friendly and open. As David Wood said he deserves to be $100k/mo person by the end of this year. He improved quite a lot since his first Empower Network call and he inspires lots of people nowadays. I was quite shocked when he said he was getting around 5+ leads a day through his blogs (on “How To Make $1,500 a day by Blogging” call) and still getting good results in EN. Wow. How did that work? Now he probably gets 30-40 leads daily, if not more. He sure isn’t a tech person so he relies on pretty much same tools as David Wood does – blogging, videos and speaking. And it definitely works for him.

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