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Ready, set, go!


Finally I found some time to write a blog post. Everything is ready for my first big wave of promotion! Very excited about it! I just need to clarify few things with GetResponse and BIM (I’m having weird notification errors and my subscribers do not appear in GetResponse instantly, for some reason).

drag-racing-ready-set-goOther than that, I’ve already set up my PPV accounts (Leadimpact and Mediatraffic) and I’ve messaged Igor Kheifets (who is one of the best solo ad experts) about solo ads, which I’m going to buy as soon as everything will be clear. Can’t wait to see what happens :) Something tells me I will hit jackpot this time. The struggle is finally over!

BIM added one very cool landing page, and I think I’m going to use it, if Igor did some solo ads for BIM recently. It was added a day or two ago, so I’m 100% sure that no one used it for solo ads with Igor.

Here it is – Insider Secrets Landing Page

Pretty cool, isn’t it? It’s done in a completely different style than other 4 landing pages. Which is good.

Vick is working relentlessly to add all the content for BIM, but it’s still has some “Coming Soon” pages, which is a bit of a concern. I think new members will not be very pleased by the fact that system is not fully done, but it’s already much better than EN standard funnel. So I will go with it :)


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