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Swimming tiger! Have you seen these videos?

Swimming tiger! Have you seen these videos?


I haven’t posted anything about cats in a loong time. So I’m back with more big cat tomfoolery! :D

Plus it’s nice to take a break from serious and boring stuff like SEO.

Isn’t he ridiculously awesome? That tiger is adorable when he swims.

And of course we can’t forget about famous Enzo :

That was when Enzo was still a baby. Now he is grown up, but still lives with that family, in South Africa.

Swimming tiger is actually not a such a phenom, if we think about it.

Tigers, unlike most wild cats (or domesticated cats) like water. Jaguars also like to swim and play in water. Though both tigers and jaguars are not adapted well to hunt effectively, in the water. The only species that are “equipped” with small flippers are fishing cats from Asia. One Russian family actually had a fishing cat pet! You can search for “John Devis” on Google to find loads of photos about his life with the ordinary family :)

And of course I wanted to include some fantastic photos of swimming tigers:

Siberian tigers swimming

swimming tiger picture

tiger diving

Do you like big cats?:)

swimming tiger, diving tiger

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