Truly magnificent book – Parallel Universes of Self (Frederick Dodson)

Truly magnificent book – Parallel Universes of Self (Frederick Dodson)

Hi guys!

“Parallel Universes of Self” by Frederick Dodson is easily the most helpful and complete book I ever read! So far I’ve read 35-40 books on self improvement, leadership, spirituality & self-growth. Not much, but I’m gaining speed :)

It’s completely unique work, and I’m not even sure where to start…

It will definitely change your current understanding of reality. And that’s what it is about – a roadmap to creating reality which you really desire. Frederick Dodson explains, that everything you desire or want is already available to you in billions of parallel realities of yourself. If you are imagining what your life would be if you would take a different path (live in a different city, get a different profession, different friends, etc..), you must know that this life is available to you at any moment.

parallel universes of self reality creation frederick dodsonReality creation could be described very well with the following quote: “Before you can do something you must first be something.” – Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von. So, essentially, it’s a bit similar to all new age teachings like law of attraction (The Secret). But, it’s far more complex to understand. Though once understood, this knowledge is far more superior.

One of the most common new age teachings is – “you must get rid of your limiting beliefs”. In Reality Creation this would be counter-productive since such thought is already limiting (because this implies you have limiting beliefs in the first place). If you have strong feelings about this subject, it’s likely that your thought will become a belief. Another “wrong” teaching would be, “you must act as if you already achieved it”. And this implies that you haven’t. In Reality Creation you simply must become a better you – the person who already has what you want (and it is all available to you at any moment, in different Parallel Universes).

So this was the “easy” stuff. However, there was some knowledge even I couldn’t comprehend that well. I will definitely return to this book when I will become wiser and my mind will be even more open. Few examples – bending of time, getting in touch with extraterrestrials, and more “crazy” stuff, which seem impossible. But before buying this book, I’ve done research on the author and that guy is an authority and a big success in this subject. On his website Frederick Dodson offers personal courses and they start from $5000 for a single 1-hour session or something like that. Pretty cool :) He also published more than 15 books on this subject and held hundreds of seminars and workshops on reality creation. So he is the real deal.

And this book is filled with practical meditations, exercises and small and fun tasks designed to immerse in Reality Creation and use it for your own good. Awesome stuff. I highly recommend “Parallel Universes of Self” to anyone, even if you don’t like reading that much.

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