What I’ve learned about Internet marketing gurus..

What I’ve learned about Internet marketing gurus..


In the last few days I discovered a lot of negative reviews and posts about Empower Network, their leaders and memberships like Big Idea Mastermind. At first I was skeptical and judgmental, thinking that weaklings who couldn’t make it are spreading the hate and negativity. But then I decided to dive head first and see if I can find anything helpful or valuable.

To my surprise I found tons of valuable information. I’ve also met a new friend, Omri, from Glancing Web (exposing scams and frauds). He is very determined in revealing and exposing scammers and swindlers all around the world. Not only that, but his writing is hilarious and witty and he’s very intelligent and interesting person.

internet marketing gurus - Frank Kern

Frankie, people think you’re not cool (and FTC agrees).

After reading lots of his posts I’ve realized that most internet marketing gurus are not what they seem to be. Due to my trustful nature (and maybe slightly naive) I’ve been led to believe that these guys are cool, respectful leaders that actually serve people and help the world with their products and services. And that fake promises, hype and exaggerated claims are good, if they’re used to promote a “good cause”! Right..

While there are some leaders who are honest and truthful, they are definitely not mainstream. Most “mainstream” internet marketing gurus are fraudulent in their nature, more or less. They openly tell about their achievements and show testimonials from satisfied customers (mostly from other gurus, lol!), but they never mention the fact that most people (90% is a safe number, in reality it’s closer to 95%+) lose money with their products and services. Horrible support, no refunds, unapproved credit card charges.. that’s just a few problems that customers face.

But internet marketing gurus don’t give a shit about their customers.

And that’s a fundamental problem. Customers are blood of the business. They are the reason it exists in the first place. So they should be taken care of.

Let’s take my beloved Empower Network (I do like it a lot. But now I think it needs a lot of work with leadership and politics). Here’s a quote from their latest post:

“I can remember when Dave Wood and I started this company, and what our intention was. It was clear: to help our teams succeed. That was it.” (that was a quote from Dave Sharpe).

Great mission, right?

… And they are doing exact opposite nowadays! They don’t think about the individuals, but about the company as a whole. David Wood himself told us many times that we should STOP helping our team and focus on producing. That will help our team and our income.

Not really. It might help our income, but it certainly will not help our team and our karma. On top of that Dave is not willing to help anyone, who didn’t reach at least $10,000/mo. So he basically isolated himself from 99.9% of his team. Way to go, Dave!

He is totally missing one point – different people learn in a different way. Generalized knowledge, they and various Empower Network memberships provide, is not easily absorbed by everyone. According to NLP, people are using different modalities for learning. There are visual learners, auditory learners and tactile/kinesthetic learners. Therefore, if you use “one-size-fits-all” approach, there will always be questions. People will want to clarify things. Some things might seem ridiculously simple for you, but they’re not like that for everyone. And if customers cannot reach their upline, they are left there helpless.

I, on the other hand, have a desire to help everyone in my team.. and a crazy idea of refunding, if person is not willing to continue or it just didn’t work for him. I know that EN doesn’t have refunds, but I’m willing to pay from my own money. What if there’s a single mother with few children, who desperately needs some extra income, and instead she loses few hundred of dollars on EN? Or a person with disability? They must get every single cent of their money back, if it didn’t work for them. It will make it safe for everyone – you either make money or you get your money back.

Maybe that’s eternal utopia. We’ll see.

But now it’s time to edit some posts and claims that I’ve made in the past…

So what do you think about “internet marketing gurus”? Leave a comment below.

Best wishes,

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5 Responses to What I’ve learned about Internet marketing gurus..

  1. Mel E August 7, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    Hi Aleks,

    This is the first time I’ve been to your site…and I’m really impressed. You seem to be an honest, level headed type of guy that want’s the best for people.

    Please do your very best to keep these qualities and don’t turn into one of these so called “guru’s” who’s sole intention online seems to be to make even money at whatever cost.

    You seem the type of guy that knows that “what goes around, comes around.” I wish you the very best.


    • Aleks August 7, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

      Hi, Mel!

      Thank you very much for your kind words!

      I checked your website and seems that you have a lot of good content, but very little traffic.

      Please use my SEO tips to get the traffic you need, and of course social media.

      For social media strategies and tips I can’t recommend highly enough Oksana from http://trafficgenerationcafe.com

      Best wishes,

  2. Arthur Burlo October 9, 2013 at 10:54 pm #

    I am getting more and more convinced that there are only two types of marketers on the Internet. Those who will not even bother talking to you, because they feel they are too important and those who will promise you unattainable dreams because they want your money (and nothing else).

    The best way to move in the market may be collaborating with others who are at your same level and join forces towards a greater good. Paying even $0.01 (or $10,000) to someone usually leads nowhere.

    • Aleks October 10, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

      Hi, Arthur!

      Nice to see you again :) How are you?

      Will check your site soon.

      Yes, that’s pretty precise.. Those who ask for your money usually stop responding (or respond slowly and grudgingly) after you’ve paid for the service/product. I sure had such experiences.

      That’s a great idea.

      I’m checking this site a lot, lately – http://imgrind.com
      Owners look like honest guys and they sure provide a lot of great info for free on their site.
      I imagine their paid forum is incredibly valuable.

      Best wishes,


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