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What is hypnosis? And why Richard Bandler books are awesome?..

What is hypnosis? And why Richard Bandler books are awesome?..


I’ve been lazy for a while, but writing about hypnosis seemed like a good idea. I’ve read 1.5 books about hypnosis so far, and I absolutely love this topic.

So what is hypnosis?

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That’s a valid question, because the word “hypnosis” usually causes strong reactions from people. They think it’s something dangerous or mystical and it has no use rather than making people squawk like chickens.

Talking about chickens.. Once, in a seminar, somebody challenged Richard Bandler to make someone squawk like a chicken in a trance. Richard said he doesn’t need to put somebody in a trance to do that. The guy was skeptical. So Richard said, “Okay, but first show me how you’d know what a squawking chicken sounds like.”

The guy said, “Sure, it’s like this: puk-puk-puk …!”.

Richard – “Okay.. any other questions?”.

Back to our question. Hypnosis is a tool. A tool for achieving altered states, where you subconscious mind comes into play. And subconscious mind has no limits and endless potential. With hypnosis you can get rid of your bad habits and replace them with good ones, you can forget bad experiences and conquer your phobias. You can also make your life significantly better in every way. And of course you can use hypnosis to have some fun!

Don’t confuse hypnosis with psychotherapy though. Dealing with people’s problems and providing a lasting change is only a part of it (hi, Tony!). Hypnosis and NLP make learning fun and enjoyable, and learning is the most important process of life!

Some people might be still skeptical and say something like – “That sounds great, but looks like I can’t be hypnotized”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of us are going in and out of trance on a daily basis – when we drive on empty speedway, when we use elevator and so on. Prejudice that you can’t be hypnotized is the actual problem. If you went to your local hypnotist (who is probably average at most) and you have been skeptical about the whole experience even before showing up, chances are that he failed to put you into trance.

But Richard proves that you can hypnotize anyone, as long as you use correct approach. He were able to hypnotize patients who scaled 0 on a Stanford hypnotic susceptibility scale, without breaking a sweat. That’s because things like hypnotic susceptibility scale make no sense in the first place.

There was one rather amusing instance when Richard heard about a little girl that couldn’t be hypnotized by anyone. She was a child of a hypnotist and she had been programmed for years to be unhypnotizable. 25 great hypnotists tried to work with her, but all failed. So when Richard met her, he didn’t even try to hypnotize her, instead he congratulated her saying that she is unhypnotizeable and that experiencing trance is not a possibility for her. Of course child started to protest that argument and put herself in a trance!

It’s another great illustration that we don’t really need to influence people with our “hypnotic powers”, in order to get desirable outcome. Sometimes it’s easier to ask or tell them what to do.

Here is a great “test” I’ve got from Richard Bandler books:

Having positive and negative hallucinations. 

  • Positive hallucination. If you are sitting in front of your computer, turn your head and look at your floor. Imagine your spouse (friend) standing there and looking at you. Can you see her/him clearly? If you have a pet, it’s even easier to hallucinate.
  • Negative hallucination. If you are sitting in front of your computer, look at your desk and notice the things that lie around. Focus on 1 thing and imagine that it’s gone and in that spot you see clear desk surface instead. Can you do that?

Okay, that wasn’t really Richard’s exercise. I just created it myself, based on the descriptions of positive and negative hallucinations Richard described in his book :)

If you can do these things in a normal waking state (I assume you are not drugged right now), then it’s quite easy for you to go into trance and out of trance. If you can’t, that just means you will need a little bit of training. Don’t worry – it’s all easy.

Okay, here is a real exercise from Richard Bandler books (I did not made this up myself this time):

richard bandlers what is hypnosis

Very easy to do, and very useful. You might want to do it few times with different negative situations.

I’ve also tried hypnotizing myself and I achieved arm catalepsy on the first try! I’m really amused with the whole thing. So fun! Would love to try that on someone else.

Arm catalepsy is a great way to prove that hypnosis works and that our subconscious mind is indefinitely powerful. With your conscious mind you have to hold your arm in the floating position, which becomes tiresome and little jiggly/shaky movements are obvious for the observer.

While you are in trance, and you listen to the voice of the hypnotist (in this case – Dear Self), your arm freezes. You forget that it exists. While I didn’t film myself on camera, I was absolutely sure that my arm didn’t move, because when I went out of trance there was a small, half a second window, when my arm “came back” to life. That felt rather weird and numb and I was sure that it couldn’t move in trance.

Cool fact about hypnosis – you can build rapport and hypnotize people who are asleep. That’s right! Even those individuals who are in a state of “artificial” sleep (e.g. – medical drugs) can be hypnotized. That’s because subconscious mind never sleeps. Although Richard says that you will need much more time to gain rapport with such individuals.

So why Richard Bandler books are so cool?

They are not boring medical/scientific tractates! That’s the most important thing, at least for me. These books contain a lot of fun situations and stories and the knowledge is easily digestible. And the advice is far more powerful than the one you get in those cheesy self-help books!

What this has to do with business?…

Everything! Change yourself and your business will change!

I suppose you are surprised with this rather unusual topic.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

Best wishes,

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