What kind of URL’s you should avoid in PPV marketing

What kind of URL’s you should avoid in PPV marketing


It’s been a week or so since I started PPV and I’ve been wrestling with the proper url targeting and tracking. Finally after exchanging couple of emails with MediaTraffic support, I’ve found out the information I was seeking and now I can track url’s that bring me the traffic.

affexpert.com ppv marketingThis step led me to an amazing discovery. Most views are coming from the domain’s like “avon.com”, and there are no signups. Since I’m promoting Empower Network, my url’s were all internet/network marketing oriented. I used 2 scrapers for this – affexpert.com and affportal.com. By the way, both tools have amazing variety of features and they are incredibly handy, if you do PPV marketing. At first I didn’t give a second thought and just exported all the url’s I was given, excluding the ones that were more than 40 symbols (a good tip on that in the next post).

Most traffic was coming from few url’s, and conversions sucked, so to say. Around $2 per lead, and while it’s not that much, with PPV marketing you can get a lead for $0.30-$0.40, I’m sure. So then I stopped and thought why it isn’t working well. Before that I also failed with my CPA gaming offer, getting just $1.60 from more than 540 views ($10.50 spent). Plus I did few other micro campaigns which failed to convert. And then it hit me. Since it’s URL targeting, you can’t control the keywords your visitors type to find your url! And obviously sites like avon.com could be found with many keywords, not just “how to improve sales”. I was using this landing page, by the way – http://bigideamastermind.com/newmarketingidea?id=successwizard

So most traffic was coming from unrelated search terms. That’s why most direct url’s are pretty useless when it comes to getting laser targeted traffic, with exception of url’s like these:



These are highly targeted and they cannot be found on the first page of Google for unrelated keywords. Removing most direct url’s will cost you a lot of your traffic, BUT you will be left only with the best quality views, which you should be after anyways. Plus it will cost pennies, since most people are targeting keywords in PPV. And those who target url’s, usually leave all direct ones. So it’s a win-win.

And of course you should avoid using url’s like “youtube.com” or any other url’s that are widely known and highly-visited, because they will devour your daily budget in a matter of minutes, leaving you with 0 commissions. Make sure you exclude them, because URL scraper tools will find lots of such sites.

So what kind of url’s you should target? Every url that has something after a first “/” symbol. Like this one - businesspundit.com/home-business-online

Make sure it’s relevant to your offer. And since you will be dismissing most direct url’s you will have to find more long-tail url’s to get the same amount of traffic. If you are testing or you have a limited budget it will be fine. If you want to do massive campaigns, you will have to sacrifice some of the traffic quality for quantity. I remember that Vick Strizheus recommended something like 20,000 url’s for a campaign :) That’s a crazy amount of traffic, believe me. But you better know what you’re doing.

In the next post I will give you a cool tip for url shortening.


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11 Responses to What kind of URL’s you should avoid in PPV marketing

  1. Aleks June 21, 2013 at 3:48 pm #

    Apparently, I was wrong – you can’t get consistent internet marketing/online business leads for $0.3-0.4. The cheapest leads I could get were around $1 and it was not easy to keep it that way.

    • Joe Nielsen July 30, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

      I have some URL’s in my campaign costing me 0.34 per leads. You are right it’s hard to get it because your bad URL’s are keeping the overall cost above that. Just gotta cut out the losers, and scale the winners. Nice article by the way.

      • Aleks July 30, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

        Hi, Joe!

        Thank you very much for comment!

        I guess I have to keep testing and tuning campaigns.

        Best wishes,


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